Journey on a 3D interactive introduction to yoga!

'Exploring Yoga in 3D' is a fully interactive introduction to yoga. The journey takes you to several temples on an enchanted island to learn. Navigate via map of the island to visit each temple at any time to review poses. Animated islanders present over 30 basic yoga postures, or asanas. Rotate the characters as they move into each pose and study correct positioning. History and benefits of yoga, proper breathing techniques, related concepts and basic poses/movements are covered. Excercise & visualization animations demonstrate important concepts. Game-like interface makes the experiance fun for kids.

'The most entertaining & enjoyable way to learn yoga'

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Choose the version that is right for you:
Broadband v1.1
Includes adjustable auto-advance & dynamic internet content
Free Trial
90Mb Download
Lite (Dial-up) v1.0
Fewer poses, no rotation, background music or sound FX
Free Trial
20Mb Download

Full version 1.0
Platforms: Windows (3.1, 95, & NT) or Mac (68k & PowerMac)
Higher-quality audio, no installation necessary.
Original Soundtrack plays in audio CD player (CD-ROM only)

$7.95 CD-ROM

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