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Low Water Crossing - Proof of Concept

Explore-It!® LLC & Safety Systems Inc. have teamed together to provide engaging public service visualizations for citizens to view over the Web. Below you will find information on a low water crossing project modeled on CR 123 in Hutto between Round Rock and Taylor, TX.

Screen Shots

We are making appointments now to discuss licensing of generic visualizations or customizing specific scenarios in your community. Contact Jamie Rood @ 512.345.3468.

View Prototype CR123-vP1.0 - 'push & turn' trackball to drive, wasd keys move rock

View Prototype - v 3.0 - improved UI over v 2.1 but still rough

View Prototype - v 2.1 *

* Important Viewing Notes:
The interface of this presentation was developed for onsite demonstration by Explore-It!® personnel, therefore it is 'very rough' and the performance is not optimized. The interface will be simplified for your audience - However, the tips below may give you a taste of capabilities prior to our meeting face-to-face. :)
  • Make sure you are viewing on a fairly new computer (less than 3 years old with moderate 3D gaming capability)
  • turn speaker volume on.
  • click the link above and allow any plug-in updates to download & install
  • watch the short intro (or click 'Skip Intro')
  when prompted, click and drag to the right to reveal the turquoise van
  start the dark SUV on the left by clicking on it


press the 'up' & 'down arrows on your keyboard to 'drive' the minivan


  press the 'up' & 'down arrow icons to raise & lower the water level


click drag to change view


  click on the 'eye' icon to go inside the turquoise minivan


move mouse left & right to 'turn' your head



click the minivan (inside or out) to reset its position to start


  click the U-Turn icon to change from turning your head to 'steering' with the mouse
  click the 'eye' icon again to take to back to birds-eye view.
    Play around! :)


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